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    Why you need a Blue Pearl robotic pool cleaner?

    Blue Pearl Robotic IG Pool Cleaner With PVA Brushes

    Hassle Free – Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner

    Robotic cleaners are automated, self-contained systems with drive motors, navigation systems and filters. One of the important benefits is the fact that they don’t require any kind of complex installation process. These systems can also run completely independent without any form of supervision which takes away the hassles associated with vacuuming a swimming pool. With options such as the blue pearl robotic pool cleaner at home, you will have a system that is completely automated.

    Who can buy a robotic pool cleaner? There is some amount of interest for the blue pearl robotic pool cleaner – is that good?

    If you’re not restricted by a limited budget and want one of the automated cleaning solutions, you will not find a better option than the robotic cleaners. There is even more good news because in the last couple of years more affordable options have shown up on the market. Blue Pearl is offering all the convenience and benefits of a robotic cleaner without the expensive price tag. With this automatic cleaning solution, you don’t have to install or supervise this unit.

    Aquabot Turbo T4RC Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner with Remote ControlMost suction and pressure side cleaning solutions will be marketed as automatic, but this is not always the case. For one, a system cannot be automated if it can only work as the extension for the main filter and pump, require manual connections, booster pumps and awkward hoses. An automatic cleaner should be completely independent and self contained. So, if you want a state-of-art robotic cleaner that is also affordable, blue pearl cleaner must be first on your list.

    Some of the features of Blue Pearl Robotic Pool Cleaner

    1. This unit can filter 4200 gallons of water per hour and will clean 3500 square feet each hour
    2. State of the art, yet still affordable
    3. The unique obstacle sensor indicates that it will not get strung up on ladders or trapped on obstructions.
    4. Factory warranty
    5. There is an air sensor in the unit to prevent it from climbing out of the swimming pool.
    6. The computerized guide system will work on a pool with any size and shape.
    7. There is a unique PVA or PolyVinyl Alcohol climbing brush that will let the unit clean the pool floors and walls.
    8. The filter porosity is actually two microns to ensure that the cleaner can easily remove bacteria, algae, silt and sand.
    9. Blue Pearl robotic pool cleaner comes with a curved cleaning structure that guarantees a very effective clean. Most of the other robotic systems on the market will clean in a straight line that will zig-zag all over the pool. This will only result in gaps as well as a lengthier cleaning routine.

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    Clean It Right With Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

    Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners need not be expensive

    Pentair K60400 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner, BlueThere is no alternative for cleaning swimming pools without the help of swimming pool vacuum cleaners. Using the traditional ways of cleaning swimming pools is long over. However, if you cannot afford such expenses of getting vacuum cleaners, there is no need to panic.

    Pentair K60400 Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Automatic In-Ground Pool Cleaner, BlueSwimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

    You can use the basic items like the skimmer, a brush, and a swimming pool vacuum cleaners and off you are. Skimming the water, almost daily will help you to get rid of all the unnecessary objects like leaves, debris and bugs. When that is over, you need to take into account a couple of important things before you actually start the vacuuming process.

    Brushing the walls of the swimming pool to remove the dirt accumulated, would be a good idea. Don’t forget to shut of your pool’s filter. After this you can start the vacuuming. And once you are over, remember to clean the filter of the pool.

    A more advanced swimming pool vacuum cleaners

    If you can afford to spend some bucks, you can go for automatic pool cleaning methods. These do not need your help to go about doing their job. The suction side cleans off almost all kind of debris from your pool and it goes on to scrub the walls too. As per the requirements, you will need a leaf/debris bag adaptor. However, as these machines do a lot of work, there will be a need to change the filters at regular intervals.

    Using pressure side pool cleaners will also be a good idea. They are a notch higher than that of the above mentioned as they do not need your intervention for the change of bags, as they have their own. However, the drawback is, they fail to give the same results as suction side cleaners would have given you.  You may need to read more automatic pool vacuum reviews before making your decision.

    However, all swimming pool vacuum cleaners more or less offer their services.

    Buy your home swimming pool vacuum cleaners

    Polaris 9300 Sport Premium Inground Robotic Swimming Pool CleanerBaracuda W01698 Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool CleanerHayward 2025ADC Pool Vac Pool Cleaner, Ultra XL



    Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners – A buying Guide

    Reasons of having swimming pool vacuum cleaners

    Homeowners lucky enough to have a pool know that the secret to enjoying their pool as often as possible is to keep it clean.  Not only does keeping your pool clean make it more fun to swim, it can also save you a fortune on repairs and maintenance.  Swimming pool vacuum cleaners are one of those tools that surprisingly few pool owners actually have, but these handy tools can make pool ownership easier and more fun than ever.  There are a few different types of swimming pool vacuum cleaners, and each one has advantages and disadvantages.  By understanding the different types of swimming pool vacuum cleaners, you can choose the best pool cleaner that will keep your pool looking great.

    Different Types of Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

    Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 F5 Pressure-Side Automatic In-Ground Pool CleanerAutomatic pressure side swimming pool vacuum cleaners work by using water pressure generated by a pump.  You can attach automatic pressure side swimming pool vacuum cleaners to your main circulation pump, or you can use a dedicated pump for this purpose.  These swimming pool vacuum cleaners work by forcing water through the pump and into a debris bag.  Clean water filters through the bag, while debris is left behind.  The main advantage of automatic pressure side swimming pool vacuum cleaners is that they don’t filter debris into your pool filter or pump basket, giving you more time between cleanings.  If your pool is surrounded by trees or you get a large amount of debris in your pool, automatic pressure side swimming pool vacuum cleaners are your best bet.

    Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 F5 Pressure-Side Automatic In-Ground Pool CleanerSwimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

    Polaris ATV F7 Premium Suction Side Automatic Pool CleanerAutomatic suction side swimming pool vacuum cleaners use suction to move around and vacuum debris from the floor of your pool.  They are a little like a main drain for your pool, and they work with your filtration system to clean large amounts of water in a short time.  Automatic suction side swimming pool vacuum cleaners are also able to clean the walls of your pool as they work, cutting down on the number of times you need to brush your pool.  Automatic suction side swimming pool vacuum cleaners can remove smaller debris than pressure type cleaners, and they don’t require you to install additional plumbing or pumps making them cheaper to install.

    Polaris ATV F7 Premium Suction Side Automatic Pool CleanerSwimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

    Aquabot Turbo T4RC Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner with Remote ControlRobotic automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaners are the most like your home vacuum cleaner.  They move using electric motors inside the cleaner, and are powered by an outdoor outlet with a very long cord.  Robotic automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaners filter the dirt and debris in your pool through a pump inside the cleaner.

    Aquabot Turbo T4RC Robotic In-ground Pool Cleaner with Remote ControlSwimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

    Like today’s indoor automatic robotic vacuum cleaners (we have introduced robotic pool cleaner from Blue Pearl before), they have an onboard mapping system that helps them learn the shape of your pool for more efficient cleaning.  Some also have a remote that allows you to send the cleaner back to any area it may have missed.  Robotic automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning small debris, sand, or silt from your pool.  It is also good for cleaning the walls and along the tile line of your pool.  While robotic automatic swimming pool vacuum cleaners are more expensive than other types, they are also the most effective all-purpose cleaning tools.

    Click here to visit our community top choice on swimming pool vacuum cleaners


    Baracuda G3 pool cleaner Reviews

    Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool CleanerAdvanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner, this is Baracuda G3 W03000.  The Baracuda G3 from Zodiac cleaners thoroughly cleans in-ground pools.  It gets through the pool’s floor and its walls and automatically removes the dirt, bugs, debris, leaves, twigs, sand and pebbles.  It has an anti-stick design in its bumper fin which ensures entire pool cleaning capability as it navigates on steps, ladders and even the corners of the pool.  It is easy to maneuver and performs maximum cleaning coverage.

    Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Baracuda G3 is user-friendly and costs fairly well.  Its value is bit high, though, but with its nice features, it vies with other leading brands.  Its Long-Life Diaphragm, the sole operational moving part with no gears, wheels or flappers, ensures a quiet and simple operation with low-cost maintenance.  G3’s Quick Release Cassette is replaceable and easy to remove; even one can ‘do-it-yourself’ replace the casette for being so simple.  The Baracuda G3 performs well even using a low horsepower pumps as it has a self-adjusting compact Flowkeeper which automatically regulates the flow of the water.  Its Flowkeeper is pre-assembled, thus, no further installation is needed.


    The Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner Specification and features

    • Simple, quiet, automatic pool cleaner
    • Quick release cassette provides quick easy access to the diaphragm
    • Anti-stick design and wheel deflector ensures optimal pool coverage and allows navigation around steps, ladders, and corners
    • Includes a long-life hose
    • 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects and wear and tear; 2-year warranty on hose

    Overall Reviews of The Baracuda G3 Pool Cleaner

    Ease to Use: 4.0 out of 5 Stars
    Cleaning Efficiency: 4.0 out of 5 Stars
    Overall: 4.0 out of 5 Stars

    The product gained different reviews from the actual customers or users.  The reviews varied with many users giving positive and constructive reviews against few who gave out a not-so-good experiences with the product.  But altogether these reviews were helpful.  Here are the different reviews these users made.

    Most users rated Baracuda G3 as durable, dependable and does not need attention cleaner.  They said its installation was very simple and easy.  One only has to read and follow the too simple instructions provided in the user’s manual and then all can well be started.  Others stated with so much pleasure that they only did minor adjustments to Baracuda G3 set-up and it started its journey down their pool.  They said the cleaner did its job well and was not caught up on their pool’s steps and sun shelf.  The cleaner climbed the walls and covered their entire pool randomly giving them a clean pool after its operation.

    Buy from Amazon Now!

    There were several others who admired how Baracuda G3 worked well in their pool and pointed out as a reminder to other users and users-to-be, to put the round ring on the unit for its effective running.  With the round ring, they said, the cleaner moved away from steps and all other objects or obstacles in the pool.  For most part, without the ring, the unit has the tendency to get stuck on the steps.  Thus, they advised to install all the parts included in the package for its effective operation.  Almost all users declared that with the G3 their respective pools were as clean as new.  There were even others who claimed that their pool was clean as it has ever been.  And further praised the Baracuda G3 for it worked well both in cold and warm water.

    Some users lauded G3 cleaner for it saved them a lot of time.  They said that they only left the cleaner work its way through the day and it cleaned everything on their pool from leaves, dust and all.  And it made their pool very clean, 100% spotless, so they said.  With pride about how clean their pool became, some users said Baracuda G3 was awesome.  It worked extremely well and superb in just 2 hours of cleaning.  They rated the G3 cleaner as a much better cleaner than their previous cleaners.

    But all did not run well with several other users.  Some of them said that their experience with the Baracuda G3 was not good.  They claimed that the product only performs well when there’s nothing in the pool to clog it.  But with other obstacles to mess with it, it stuck.  And it frustrated them.  When it’s clogged, the cleaner’s diaphragm has to be replaced.  They said, they have to spend another extra cost to keep it going.  One user even lamented that he had spent so much on the replacement every other 2 months, the most. Made him too disappointed and frustrated with the G3.

    Click Here for More Full Reviews on Baracuda G3

    Another user was also frustrated with the cleaner as it gets trapped in the corners of the pool.  Twice it sat in the corner of his pool, vibrated and did not move an inch.  He purchased the wheel but still the same, the cleaner did not function well.  He had it tuned in, was glad it worked out finally but after awhile, the same problem occurred again.  He did some other tricks on the hose but to no avail.

    Summing up all the reviews so far, still many users admired Baracuda G3 being effective cleaners of their pools.  Only few users showed displeasure, though.

    Buy Baracuda G3 and save 55% now!


    Let’s take a look at some customer review snippets from Amazon.com and more:

    ...I would kick myself if I could. Should have had this from day 1….

    …pool was never really clean looking. Suffered like this for 4 years…Writing this review after 10 months of use, so that to me, is accurate of what to expect…The lower chlorine use saves us about $20 a month, and the lower electrical usage for the pump saves us another $20 a month or a total of $40 a month! The best part is the pool now looks like new again. I never need to brush it or do anything except occasionally empty the pump basket. 3 hours a day of G3 takes care of it all. While…”  - Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    When good, it’s very good,…but when stuck……

    …the ‘Cuda getting stuck by the steps. Very frustrating. I’ve never found any solution, and don’t agree with the comment about finding its “sweet spot…I”m on the fourth diaphragm for the G3….about one a year. It clogs on anything the size of an acorn, or here in FL a palm nut. But I have to admit that when it is free to run and nothing’s in the pool to clog it, the thing does a super job. But…”  -  Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    Good value so far and works well in my pool so far…

    …Like any pool cleaner, I don’t trust or expect cleaning coverage of steps, sharp interior corners or near the water tile line. All of which I manually brush for the cleaner to get from the bottom of the pool…This G3 from Amazon works great for me so far. And as long as I don’t have to replace the single part many times a year, it will be a winner for me. For now based on how easy it was to assemble and install, and it’s basic and effective cleaning. I am happy. I do not...” - Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    And that concludes our  Baracuda G3 pool cleaner reviews/overview. If you are still on the fence and can’t decide whether or not this cleaner is for you, be sure to check out the reviews and spec, or compare other, on Amazon.com.


    Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviews

    Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool CleanerHaving put to a test on more than 1.5 million pools, Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner by Pentair has claimed itself as the best pool cleaner in the world.  It is a cleaning system that provides accurate random coverage which avoids missed spots in pools.  It has a turbo-action swivel design for speed cleaning and an automatic valve regulator which delivers most advantageous water flow giving out maximum cleaning power and speed for thorough cleaning.  It is designed for best cleaning performance starting from the water line level down to the pool’s bottom.

    Pentair Kreepy Krauly K70405 Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Pentair Kreepy Krauly perfectly works even without any booster pump, attaches and fits easily to any pool skimmer or vacuum-line without the need of any tool.  It comes in the market in a very competitive value and is more advantageous that any other pressure-side cleaners. Kreepy Krauly is a very dependable pool cleaner which gives assurance of long years of service with its original “one-moving part” design.  Guaranteed no-wheels or gears replacement and is covered by a 2-Year Warranty.


    The Pentair Kreepy Krauly K7045 Automatic Pool Cleaner Specification and features

    • patented design and rugged construction have been put to the test in more than 1.5 million pools
    • Only one moving part for long, dependable service
    • KREEPY KRAULY works when your pool pump works, using your pool’s existing filtration system

    Overall Reviews of The Pentair Kreepy Kraly K7045 Automatic Pool Cleaner

    Ease to Use: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
    Cleaning Efficiency: 4.0 out of 5 Stars
    Rating Three: 4.0 out of 5 Stars

    Pentair K70405 achieved a four-star reviews from its actual users.  And here are the comments made by some customers which can readily help other people who plan to use the same on their pools to decide on the product.  More than half percent of the users said positive things about the Kreepy.  They said that this automatic pool cleaner was readily available when needed.  According to them, the cleaner was an excellent buy.  From the box, the installation was easy and done quick.  Most users said the Kreepy worked well from the skimmer.  It climbed the walls of their pools well.  It picked up almost any object or debris on their pool and has made their pools super clean.  Although one user pointed out that Kreepy can get stuck on canisters if attached to a side port or might hung on the hose from the wall,  but he remedied that flaw by saying the Wall Climb Adjuster easily resolved the issue.  And the Kreepy is back into its business again of keeping his pool really clean.

    More Full Reviews – Click Here

    Other actual users of Kreepy recounted that the pool cleaner was way better than their old cleaner.  They said they were too thankful they heeded the advise of friends who were using the Kreepy, too.  They claimed there was really a big difference using the Kreepy.  For them, setting up the cleaner was a breeze and its connection to the pool matched perfectly.  What they were so glad about the cleaner was the fact that it worked on the vacuum side and pulled all the junk and the debris into the pool filter.  It cleaned and made their pools really looking clean in just a short period of hours a day.  And many were happy about the Kreepy as it did not give them so much expense in maintaining it.  To them, it served them long enough.

    All the nicest things were written over Kreepy by the satisfied users.  However, few others were not satisfied at all and recommended to others not to buy this automatic pool cleaner.  For these users, the Kreepy was a failure and a totally ineffecient pool cleaning tool.  They said the Kreepy worked poorly on pool steps and it has irregularities by always getting stuck with them.   One user found the product disgraceful as it ate his pool liner which was only 3 seasons old.  To his disgust, he called the company and complained about it.  He was really disappointed with the product.

    There were few users who complained how noisy the Kreepy worked.  They will have to put off their pump first before they could enjoy a much quiter and comfortable swim.  And the huge hose was a disturbance for them while swimming.  To some, this was annoying.  Another user was sad with the new Kreepy.  He revealed having used an old Kreepy model from the Pentair and he thought the new Kreepy was a great buy, too.  But he was disgusted.  According to him, the new Kreepy was totally different, a terrible one and a real pain to use. From the time he had it, it kept on breaking and needed various parts replaced regularly.  He found it too expensive to maintain and replace.

    Buy from Amazon Now – Click Here

    All has been said by the unsatisfied users, but some users who admired the Kreepy and found flaws in the unit too, declared that the unit is a great cleaner although it has some flaws.  However, they pointed out that some negative reviews must be the result of not having read the owner’s or user’s manual thoroughly.  They commented that any product has its own specific instructions on installations and use.  They added that a careful reading and understanding of the product specification can give an excellent understanding on the product and following the manual can result in great use.

    Now, you have read all the positive and negative reviews actual users gave.  You can make a careful evaluation on the product now and make your choice.  But, try this one.  It can be a good buy for you, too, just like the others.

    More Options from Amazon Now!


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