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    This is Jack from New Jersey, just purchase a new Vacuum Cleaners. haha, my pool has not cleaned for almost 2 years as it is both tedious and is my “lazy”. And as there will be parties held, I need to clean it finally. And as a result, I bought a swimming pool vaccum cleaner. Really cool stuff!

    I hope you enjoy reading the blog as I am technically idiot and it takes me almost a month to start this blog.

    The process on picking up the right model is far longer and painful than I expected. Comparsion between prices and output, chosing which manufactures is quite tedious indeed.  The purpose behind of writing this blog orginally is, of course, make some extra money. And I realised that a lot of people requiried these information.

    I am going to shoot some video on this topic, hope can help guys making the right choice.

    Thanks for your time in reading my post and I hope you love it.

    To be honest, I am a big fans of Amazon, but in case you would like to purchase from other store, here are the gifts card, hope this can minimize your burden. Enjoy!

    Have a big clean Swimming Pool now!


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