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    Hayward TigerShark RC9990

    Welcome to Pool Vacuum Page This is a quick overview of the

    Hayward RC9990 TigerShark Quick Clean

    Product Features at a Glance:

    Merchant: Hayward RC9990

    Merchant’s official site: NIL

    Product avaliable at Amazon

    The TigerShark uses less energy than pressure or suction cleaners with simple step up or no set up at all.

    Equipped with a convenient shut-off function, automatically powering down at the end of its three-hour cleaning cycle. Utilizing its on-board smart computer, it calculates the size of the pool (Recommended for 40 by 20 feet pool size) for a programmed energy efficient cleaning pattern for a spotless clean pool.

    Product Details:

    Advanced, easy-to-use, in-ground robotic pool cleaner

    Unique on-board computer calculates size of the pool and programs itself for efficiency

    Perfect for pools up to 20-by-40 feet

    On-board pump cleans up dirt and debris from floor, steps, and walls

    Let’s take a look at some customer review snippets from Amazon.com and more:

    …replaced an aging pressure-driven Polaris pool vac with a TigerShark QC…

    …After running the Polaris all night, the pool bottom would only be about 80% clean…With my TigerShark, the pool bottom is 100% clean in just a few hours, costing far less in electricity to run since I no longer need to run a booster pump all night. Last minute plans for pool guests? And unlike the Polaris, there is no hose…”  - Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    the pros and cons of the tiger shark

    …The plus sides — it works independently so you don’t lose a skimmer like with you do with other models…This unit cleans very easily and it really works great...the down side with a vinyl pool and we found out the hard way: if you do not have a heavy gauge pool liner this unit can pick up a pebble and drill it right through your liner. A year ago we had…”  -  Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    greatly reduce my need to manually clean my pool…

    …Does not clean entire pool each time. Takes several runs to get pool as clean as what I do manually. Works very well on the sides…” – Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    Product avaliable at Amazon

    And that concludes our Pool Vacuum reviews/overview. If you are still on the fence and can’t decide whether or not this cleaner is for you, be sure to check out the reviews and spec, or compare other, on Amazon.com.


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