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    Nitro Wall Climber In-Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews

    Nitro Wall Climber In-Ground Pool Cleaner w/ Caddy CartNitro Wall Climber is the most advanced In-ground robotic pool cleaner around. Made by Smartpool, Nitro Wall Climber In-Ground Pool Cleaner with Caddy Cart is an automatic pool cleaner which can operate independently in the filter system. It delivers high performance which costs low energy as it uses only very little power to operate. It enables the reduction of pool chemical use and likewise, minimizes the need for backwashing pool filter, thus, increases the conservation of water.

    Nitro Wall Climber In-Ground Pool Cleaner w/ Caddy Cart

    The Nitro Climber dynamically cleans the floor of the pool including its walls and carries with it a caddy cart for ease in transport. It is gentle for vinly liners, but strong enough to clean the dirtiest concrete and fiberglass pools. Its innovative design significantly features two huge intake ports comfortably placed at the rear of the cleaning brush and at its outer corner which provides the widest cleaning path. Nitro Climber’s advanced design allows extra large filter capacity, yet, reduces weight. Its Rapid Drain System prevents debris from being trapped in the filter, permitting water to quickly stream back unto the pool and reducing the weight of the filter for easy removal. As Nitro Climbers possess quality features of a perfect and useful In-ground Cleaner, it is placed in the market with a competitive price in congruence with the other In-ground pool cleaner of different brands and of high quality.


    Nitro Wall Climber In-Ground Pool Cleaner w/ Caddy Cart Product Features

    • Cleans and brushes pool floors and walls, gentle on vinyl liners
    • Revolutionary robotic design for a wider cleaning swath, 50% faster cleaning coverage
    • Built-in sensors, keeping cleaner from getting caught up in steps, ladders and other obstructions
    • Quick-drain system, easy lift from pool, weighs only 8.5 pounds
    • Extra-large filter capacity
    • Compatible for pools even up to 20 ft by 40 ft
    • Includes 50’ Anti-Twist Cable

    Overall Reviews Nitro Wall Climber In-Ground Pool Cleaner w/Caddy Cart

    Ease to use: 3.5 out of 5 Stars
    Cleaning Efficiency: 4.0 out of 5 Stars
    Overall: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

    Here’s what pool owners who actually experienced the services of Nitro Climber has to say.  Most users rated the robot pool cleaner as perfect cleaner for the price they had paid.  It gave great performance and climbed up the walls and cleaned up to their pools water line.  And it did a fantastic job at the bottom of their pool and cleaned its deep end, as well as its shallow end.  They said the Nitro Climber was able to climb the steep grade of their pool which was not done by their previous cleaners.  They were too happy to experience that the robo cleaner has built-in sensor.  It navigated effortlessly out from its stuck position whenever it senses obstacles.  They said the cleaner was so light that it was easy for them to pick it up out of the water or lift from the pool.

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    As what the reviews reveal, many expressed satisfaction over the Nitro Climber.  According to them, the cleaner’s filter design was easy to clean.  It can be removed and assembled back with no hassle.  Some said that the unit has one good thing, its physical appearance was entirely modular, thus providing ease in motor or brush replacement.  Anyone can do it himself.  Other users who spoke well of the product quoted that the Nitro Climber was a ‘diamond amongst a bunch of glass.’  Said user explained that since he experienced many types of pool cleaner, the Nitro Climber was at first, a doubtful buy for him, however, when he started using it, he was so delighted as according to him, the Climber worked like crazy. His pool has never been cleaned so well, he proudly recalled.  He further added that since 12 months of regular use, Nitro Climber has never caused him any trouble.

    For most users, Nitro Climber was a success but for few others, using the robot cleaner was a poor experience.  One user considered the purchase not worthy.  He had only used the cleaner for 6 months when its transformer blew off.  Another user cried the same thing and said the Nitro Climber he bought only lasted for 9 months and it broke down.  Still another user lamented that his buy of the cleaner was a great frustration as he had the unit returned 4 times in less than a year.  The reason for the return was after 6 months of use, the cleaner went on with issue after issue and it was never fixed by Smartpools.  It gave him total disappointment.  The unit was not good and the service the company gave him was as well, very poor.

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    But speaking about customer service for Smartpools, one user countered that the company has an excellent customer service.  His complain about the Nitro Climber was promptly catered and the return of the unit to his end was done in a very quick manner.  The only thing he commented was that he spent extra cost for the repairs which according to him was only a small issue.  Another comment few users made was that the Nitro Climber really cleans well but

    It has several shortcomings, some are manageable yet others were not.  This made other users return the product to where it came from.

    Reviews did vary from user to user.  It is worth noting though, that from the positive reviews given, Nitro Climb can be said to be a great buy for any user.  It works very well. It doesn’t clog, it gives no jambs but it just cleans and cleans which most people love.  On the other hand, with the negative comments of some users, Nitro Climb is not what others expected it is.  Others express admiration over the unit while others expresses disappointment.

    Now, it will be your call. If you really need its services, then try it.  It is surely a great try and a good buy.

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    Let’s take a look at some customer review snippets from Amazon.com and more:

    “Great Perfomance for the Price!…

    …I Have owned more expensive units costing 1000-1400. I took my chance on this one…The new one worked fantastic! It climbs walls doesn’t scrub the water line but will clean up to it. That is not a problem for me, as non of the other models did a great at this. It does a great job on the bottom and cleans the deep end as well as the shallow end. Will not climb stairs, but don’t get hung up…”  - Actual user comment from Amazon.com

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    “Works very well. No clogs, No jambs. Just cleans. Love it!…

    …I have had them all. Polaris, Krawley and other Hayward junk. Hayward should stick to pumps and filters. This one I thought would be no better. I have been running the Nitro for 12 months. I was wary as it looked to flimsy but it works like crazy. My pool has never been cleaned so well. I have some redwoods…”  -  Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    “Love this Pool Cleaner…

    …I would recommend this to anyone with an inground pool. It was delivered promptly, was easy to assemble and use, and in the first 3-hour cleaning cycle made my pool look better than I have ever seen it. It climbed all of the walls and even removed a small amount of yellow algae that had just started to…” - Actual user comment from Amazon.com

    See Full Product Review Here

    And that concludes our Nitro Wall Climber In-Ground Pool Cleaner reviews/overview. If you are still on the fence and can’t decide whether or not this cleaner is for you, be sure to check out the reviews and spec, or compare other, on Amazon.com.

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